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As the first in Hong Kong equipped with positioning and navigation technology Mag & MORE APOLLO TMSPositioning and navigation magnetic brain stimulation system (abbreviation: APOLLO TMS system) can tailor-made accurate brain magnetic stimulation treatment plan and optimize treatment experience according to individual treatment needs. The treatment effect of APOLLO TMS system has been approved by the US FDA and the European Union. CE certified, it is a new generation of safe, comfortable and effective magnetic brain stimulation therapy.

  • Therapeutic Evidence for Improving Neural Activity

TMS brain magnetic stimulation technology stimulates specific areas of the brain with short-pulse magnetic waves of a specific frequency to achieve “stimulation therapy”. Expert research has confirmed that TMS brain magnetic stimulation technology can treat a series of brain-related diseases including depression and dementia. , Elevate mood, improve memory and cognitive ability, and provide viable options other than drug treatment for those in need.

  • Precise treatment with exclusive positioning and navigation technology

The APOLLO TMS system combines TMS brain magnetic stimulation technology and positioning and navigation technology, and uses magnetic resonance brain scanning to build a three-dimensional brain model, making each area of ​​the brain “visible”, and significantly improving the therapeutic effect with high-precision positioning stimulation. It breaks through the limitations of general TMS treatment on the treatment effect due to the lack of positioning and navigation technology.

  • Treatments are tailor-made for individuals

We use three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging (3D-MRI) of the brain to find out the area to be treated for the treatment service user, and use the data to calculate the strength and navigation information of the required TMS, so even if the symptoms are the same, every treatment service user We will receive exclusive treatment plans according to actual needs to ensure that the course of treatment is properly in place.

  •  Ad hoc multiple security protection

The safety of the course of treatment is our service commitment. Therefore, the APOLLO TMS system is specially equipped with multiple safety protections. The operators strictly follow the clinical safety guidelines established by the European and American MES authorities to ensure that the treatment service users can receive treatment without trauma.

  • Efficient treatment comes from a professional medical team

The center has clinical psychologists and psychiatrists on-site, and the treatment courses are also administered by professional medical personnel trained abroad, providing confidence guarantee for professional treatment.

  • Comfortable and fast treatment experience

Compared with other TMS instruments of the same type, studies have pointed out that the APOLLO TMS system only produces extremely low sound volume, providing a quiet and comfortable space for treatment. Each course of treatment only lasts 19 to 37 minutes. There is no preparation or follow-up before and after the course of treatment. The users of the treatment service can resume normal work and activities immediately.

Therapeutic Advantages of APOLLO TMS Brain Magnetic Stimulation System




Therapeutic Advantages of APOLLO TMS Brain Magnetic Stimulation System 3D BRAIN IMAGING

Stable and effective treatment experience




Therapeutic Advantages of APOLLO TMS Brain Magnetic Stimulation System OPTIMAL TREATMENT INTENSITY

After building a 3D brain imaging model, the therapist will calculate the optimal treatment intensity from the values ​​displayed in the electromyogram (EMG).




positioning navigation BRAIN NAVIGATION

Use localization and navigation technology to find specific areas that need stimulation in the 3D brain imaging model.




Stable and effective treatment experience CONSISTENT AND EFFECTIVE TREATMENT EXPERIENCE

After precise positioning, TMS treatment is performed to stimulate specific brain regions with short pulses of magnetic waves of specific frequencies.




After the first course of treatment is completed, the APOLLO TMS magnetic brain stimulation system will store the location and intensity of stimulation for the treatment service users, and can achieve stable and accurate TMS magnetic brain stimulation therapy without repeating positioning every time .





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