It is not just a medical concept or a treatment model, but also a brand-new concept of brain and nerve health. The principle is similar to exercising the body. Through exercising the brain, the plasticity of the brain can be improved and the potential of the brain can be released. Let NeuroFitness take you into the world of brain fitness and enjoy a happy life.

Now, integrate NeuroFitness into your life and become a modern way of life!

Through Neurofeedback Training A Modern Lifestyle Model for NeuroFitness

Neurofeedback Training can:

  • exercise the brain
  • Enables the brain to maintain or improve cognitive function
  • Improve brain plasticity

Clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists and other clinical rehabilitation medicine specialists All use Neurofeedback Training in their treatment plan.

The principle of Neurofeedback Training is similar to that of exercising to maintain good health. And it can be done in a variety of ways, such as completing cognitive tasks or computer games according to the training program of NeuroFitness, etc., Thereby improving the user’s cognitive brain executive function and memory ability.

Treatment Methods NeuroFeedback Training

New medical science     non-invasive     safe and non-invasive

Brain Response Training

Neurofeedback Training can enter the “brain”, the command center responsible for managing our emotions, thoughts, cognitive abilities and behaviors, completely adjust its structure and function, and avoid the side effects of drugs.

Wearing a headband equipped with brainwave sensors can use electrical impulses to assess real-time brain activity, and through continuous training, the brain can learn to regulate itself.

Advantages of Cranial Response Training

new medical science

(Innovative Neurotechnology)



Safe and non-invasive


instant feedback

(Real-Time Feedback)

scientifically proven effective

(Evidence-Based Efficacy)

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How to conduct cranial nerve response training?

First, the user will be equipped with a headband equipped with a brain wave sensor, and the headband is connected to the computer through wireless Bluetooth technology. Patients need to try to concentrate and control their attention to respond to computer instructions and complete some specific exercises or games.

Through the precise brain wave detection interface, combined with the research on brain waves in recent years, and the big data of related research from world-renowned universities, users can get a real response during the training process, knowing that they really use the ability to focus or relax , Through long-term repeated training, neurofeedback training can greatly improve the structure and function of the brain.

Who is suitable for Cranial Response Therapy?

Mainly divided into 3 types:

  • Insufficient concentration
  • impulsivity and hyperactivity
  • Poor concentration + hyperactivity
  • Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior
  • affect quality of life
  • Frequently leaves seat to move around, is impatient, has larger and faster emotional reactions than average
  • Children with ADHD are more difficult to suppress behavioral responses than children of the same age, making their behavior more impulsive and more active, which will have a negative impact on their study, life and social interaction

Neurofeedback Therapy can:

  • Help children concentrate and strengthen self-control
  • Enhance children’s cognitive abilities, including concentration, memory, spatial ability, decision-making ability, and cognitive flexibility
  • Cognitive development is the foundation of learning
  • Children who have received Neurofeedback Therapy have better learning development and can improve children’s ability to perform daily tasks

  • Keep abreast of children’s progress through reports and assessments
  • To ensure that each child can provide tailor-made brain training
  • To ensure that children can get the most out of each training session


  • have memory loss
  • normal cognitive
  • function normal daily life
  • No diagnosis of dementia
  • It is a transition stage from normal aging
  • decline to dementia

腦神經回應治療(Neurofeedback Therapy)可以:

  • 改善記憶力
  • 改善大腦的神經可塑性(neuroplasticity)和功能連接


  • 當我們的精神壓力太大時,有機會引致不同的身心和情緒疾病
  • 由壓力所產生的情緒困擾因人而異
  • 常見身心和情緒疾病:
  • 抑鬱症
  • 焦慮症
  • 睡眠障礙
  • 身心疾病

腦神經回應治療(Neurofeedback Therapy)可以:

  • 減輕焦慮、幫助大腦放鬆
  • 重塑大腦,不只是單單減少壓力症狀
  • 進行大腦分析,瞭解與壓力感覺相關的腦部位,腦神經回應治療(Neurofeedback Therapy)會針對該位置進行訓練
  • 指導大腦改變對干擾我們身體或精神平衡的刺激物的回應

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